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Technological Updates

David Arnold, Owner – I hope that your summer is going well. In this issue I am very happy to announce several technological updates/improvements for our firm. I believe that these will significantly improve our customer experience.

Website It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have an independent website. The website will provide a reference point for our services and staff, as well as easily accessible copies of our newsletter and client forms. I’m very pleased with it (it works well on mobile devices too) and think you will like it as well. We welcome your feedback, of course!

timetrade® A colleague of mine suggested this service. Put simply, this is a web-enabled scheduling service. It provides links to schedule a phone call with me for a quick check in or an hour in the office. Should the need arise, you can also reschedule from this service. I think it’s great because it allows you to set appointments at night after reviewing times with your spouse, or changing one as your needs change. To book a phone call: To book an hour in the office:

ASSETMARK™ PortfolioEngine® One of our primary vendors, AssetMark™, has made enormous improvements to their investment analysis software, called PortfolioEngine®. We now have the ability to compare your current investments, with us or elsewhere, to benchmark indexes, combination portfolios, or potential replacement/improvement investment suggestions that we’ve discussed. I encourage you to use this replacement/improvement investment suggestions that we’ve discussed. I encourage you to use this tool with us at your annual reviews. There’s no additional charge and the information can only benefit you.

I want to stress that we are still, and intend to remain, a relationship-based services firm. I have absolutely no intention of turning my customer service over to a chat window or glitch/voice recognition software. Rather, we recognize that technology improvements can enhance the service we offer you and allow you to do things during our off hours when convenient for you.

Edith Hileman, Operations Manager – As the senior employee at Arnold Financial Services I have a unique perspective on technology. I graduated high school in 1976. In the late 70’s women were still breaking into the executive world; and taking a typing class was tantamount to secretarial preparation. I was going to college with the goal of having someone else typing my dictated words, so why would I need a typing class? Not many years later, technology would make everyone a typist. While my generation often is stereotyped as resistant to technology, I readily embrace the change with the perspective of what came before. I might not feel the need for a refrigerator connected to the internet, but I can change the TV channel with my smartphone! I really enjoy the personal interaction that I have with our clients, and I’m very excited about the updates we’ve made here at AFS. Bottom line, there will be no change to the individualized customer service that we have always offered. We just have some news tools in the box.

Charles Hunter Hoffman, Financial Specialist – Over the last several years technology has made almost everything in our lives easier: cell phones became smart phones, online shopping became, and we can now shop for groceries with a virtual cart! The insurance industry is always slow to change, but I’ve long hoped that technology would have a positive impact. In the last year or two, several life insurance carriers have adopted “smart underwriting”. They’ve changed from having the same process and paperwork for every applicant to using shorter forms and a subsequent interview. The interview allows targeted follow up questions and specific medical requirements instead of broad generic ones. I was skeptical of this process at first, but now I’m a believer. Underwriters are getting much more complete information, which leads to faster approvals at better rates. That’s a clear example of technology benefiting our clients.

Perri Burka, Office Assistant – As the youngest person at Arnold Financial Services, my experience with technology has been slightly different than Dave, Edie and Hunter. I’ve grown up with technology and, unfortunately, I’m not sure that I would know how to live without it. I wouldn’t even be working at AFS without the help of Facebook, where Dave posted the job I got! Growing up in the 90’s, my childhood was filled with technology pretty early. I got my first iPod when I was 10 and my first cell phone at the age of 12; a lovely little light blue Samsung that flipped opened. Even though I’ve spent a majority of my life with modern technology, I’m still amazed by it. I still can’t believe all of the information that is available to me on a smartphone that fits in my pocket! I’m very excited for all of the new technology that AFS has adopted and I cannot wait to see how much it improves your experience working with us!

Summer Focus: Life Event Planning Points – Good times to call us for a review.

  • Graduations – kids are off the payroll!!!!

  • Job Change

  • Purchase or sale of a home

  • Inheritance – maximize the value of what’s left to you

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