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New Year … New Perspective

JANUARY 1, 2018

A note from the owner, David Arnold
Hello and welcome to the second edition of our newsletter. I sincerely hope that the holiday season was a great one for you. 

The last couple months have been wonderful.  We had our first Halloween with Sammy. She was, in my opinion, the cutest pineapple in history. You can see her here waving, which has become her most common action.

Whether going through the grocery store, at gym class, or greeting me when I walk in the door at night, she seems to be almost constantly waiving. 

December 2nd was Samantha’s first birthday and for several days thereafter, I found myself reflecting on just how much our lives have changed over the past year. This reminded me that so much can change in a year and that an annual comprehensive review of your financial plan is essential.

At Arnold Financial Services, our promise is to touch base with you quarterly for a quick check-in and to offer a thorough review annually. We know that you lead busy lives, but please, take advantage of this service. My job is to keep you on track to your goals and help you adjust to changes.

We’ll typically reach out 2-3 weeks after the close of each calendar quarter when we have your updated investment statements. Your annual review will take place following the close of the quarter of our initial engagement.  For example, if we started working together March 10th, the annual review would be every April.

If you prefer to do your annual review at another time, we are happy to adjust upon request. Perhaps you prefer after tax time, or at the end of your companies’ fiscal year, no problem, just give a call.

1st Quarter  Focus:  Key Planning Points

  • Tax review – major tax changes were enacted by congress for this year, have you talked with your tax advisor to make sure you understand these changes?
  • Retirement 2017 – make sure that you’ve maximized your retirement savings for last year

Every staff member of Arnold Financial Services, has at least one pet. It’s not a requirement of employment, just a happy coincidence. We know that many of you have learned, as we have, that a pet doesn’t care if your hair is a mess, or you didn’t get that promotion; they are just happy to see you.

David Arnold – Certified Financial Planner™
Lauren and I have two cats; Simon, a 12 year old mutt who Lauren  rescued while she was in law school and Winston, an 11 year old orange tabby who we adopted a few years ago.

Winston is easily the more social of the two, walk into our house and he will demand that you to scratch his head. He curls up in the corner of the couch every night as we watch TV and he even lets Sammy pet him, which so far is more like a swat.

Simon is a bit more selective in his choice of humans.  He mostly sleeps on Laurens side of the bed, or, strangely, on the bathroom floor. This cat sheds so much it should be illegal.  In fact, he practically molts.  I’ve watched clumps of hair fall off him while he sleeps. It’s really unbelievable.

Edith Hileman – Financial Specialist
My husband and I have a 17 year old blind, slightly crazy cat with, for lack of a better term, kitty dementia. The night before we adopted him, I was watching a docu-mentary about the Secret Service and “Boodles” was 19th century slang for counterfeit money. “What a great name for a cat!”

Perri Burka - Marketing
The picture is of Izzy, our newest little princess, a two year-old purebred American Eskimo. We adopted her in October after she was rescued from a puppy mill in South Carolina. Izzy may not have had the best life before we rescued her, but she is one lucky pup now! Izzy is still learning to play, but her big brother, Gabe, is doing a great job teaching her! She loves chewing on bones and enjoys trying to steal food from her humans.

Our other dog, Gabe (also known as Goober, Gabey, Little G, and Shmooben) is a 7 year-old mutt that we rescued in 2012. We think he is some kind of Jack Russell and Spitz mix, but honestly have no clue. All we know is that he’s adorable! His hobbies include playing fetch, chasing his own tail, eating socks, and playing with his new sister, Izzy!

Charles Hunter Hoffman - Life Insurance Specialist
Hunter and his wife Jen found their rescue dog, Bryce rooting around in a dumpster. He has had a secure place in their home and their hearts since 2008. No more dumpster diving for him, although he does occasionally go through the trash!  As you can see, he had a great Christmas visiting with his Grandma & Grandpa in North Carolina.

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